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2nd Place, Gnosis bounty at MetaCartel Dragon Quest hackathon
Team Hakcers took 2nd place out of 70 entries and a bounty for building a recovery dApp using Gnosis’ contract proxy kit for a decentralized crypto inheritance solution. Alfred enables designated executors to distribute digital assets to beneficiaries when the user fails to check in using the customizable dead man’s switch. Repo - Video

Kyber Network bounty at ETHDenver 2020 hackathon
Team Hakcers won a bounty for Alfred, a crypto inheritance tool that helps people create a “crypto will,” generates proof-of-death, and enables designated executors to distribute digital assets to beneficiaries. Our integration with Kyber allows beneficiaries to receive assets “as-is” or automatically convert them to Ether. Repo - Slides - Video

3rd Place in Interoperability Challenge at 2019 WyoHackathon
Seth and his teammate took 3rd place in the Interoperability Challenge at the 2019 WyoHackathon with MyWallets, an application for digital wallet aggregation. Repo - Slides